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As the government intrudes deeper into our lives and our livelihoods, you may be forced to make a stand. Our lawyers protect small businesses and organizations from coast to coast whose hard-earned success has been threatened by government lawsuits and overreach.
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Leveling The Playing Field For Businesses

It takes a great deal of work and sacrifice to build a successful enterprise. When the government seeks to derail that success, you have a right to protect the fruits of your labor. Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A., defends family-owned businesses, small companies and nonprofits that have been sued by the government.

Our accomplished trial lawyers enable “the little guy” to stand up against the considerable power of the government, whether they are fighting City Hall, the state attorney general or a federal agency. Our team provides actionable advice and legal firepower to push back against government overreach and abuse of power to safeguard business interests and personal liberties.

Legal Protection:

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Is Your Business Being Sued By The Government?

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The Right Team For The Fight Ahead

Client service and support has always been our team’s core focus at Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, P.A.. Our partners left larger firms and banded together to provide the nimble and responsive advocacy our clients need, especially when their businesses are in the crosshairs of government entities.

Our attorneys are highly versed in government relations, regulatory compliance, administrative law, and litigation and appeals at all levels. They understand the challenges and pressures of running a small business as well as the need for high-caliber and cost-effective representation to defend what you’ve built and keep the government in check.

When the government crosses the line,
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